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    • Terms of Service

      Understanding these terms is important because, by using our services, you’re agreeing to these terms.


      • Due to the manufacturer's circumstances, the item you ordered may not be available, or the shipping of your order may be delayed, and we are not responsible for this. If the item you ordered is not available and cannot be shipped, we will refund the item and the difference of the shipping cost.
      • The shipping cost is calculated based on the estimated weight of the goods and packaging material so that it may differ from the shipping cost according to the actual weight, and we do not compensate for the difference.
      • Requests to cancel or edit an order may not be possible depending on the order status, items you ordered, or shipping conditions.
      • To add items to the original order or to change items is unavailable. Only to deduct items from your order is available. So if you want to add or change items, please cancel the order and place a new one.
      • When the customer applies the fan-signed or donation event, it is impossible to cancel an order after the event result is announced because the entry includes.

      • When you purchase multiple items at once, if your order is put on hold for a long time due to the release date, the first press and POBs may not be available. So we advise you to place an order separately.



      • Shipping options(services) and costs are applied differently depending on the destination of the shipping and the conditions of the items you order.
      • The transit day specified with each shipping option is for reference only and is not guaranteed.
      • Delivery may be delayed depending on the situations of the destination and the circumstances of the postal service or company providing each delivery service. The compensation for the delay will be commensurate with the compensation of the post office or company concerned.
      • You are responsible for the payment of import taxes or fees imposed during(for) customs clearance. And the delivery failure due to failure to pay will not be subject to claims for compensation.
      • Any claim for compensation for a delivery accident(damage, loss, discard, return, etc.) shall be preceded by an investigation by the post office or company providing the delivery. Compensation or follow-up measures shall be carried out according to whether they are responsible as a result of the investigation. You must faithfully provide the information and materials necessary for the investigation of the relevant post office or company. Your claim for compensation will not be subject to review if the investigation is suspended due to a lack of information provided by you.
      (In order to proceed with the investigation, you must keep both the package box and the packaging material for UPS delivery)
      • Once the investigation of the delivery accident is completed, it will be processed according to the policy regarding return and delivery failure.

      Return and Delivery Failure Policy

      1. If KOREA POST or the shipping company fails to deliver due to the reasons attributable to KOREA POST or the shipping company and returns your package to our distribution center, we will refund the full amount of your payment (item price+shipping cost). After the refund, we will notify you about the return and refund by email.
      2. Packages returned by the customs or local postal service of your country are handled by our policy.
      The refund amount = The total amount you paid(Item price + Shipping cost) - Shipping cost - Return fee
      If the item price is 45.02 USD, the shipping cost is 20.81 USD, and the return fee is 2.5 USD : 65.83 - 20.81 - 2.5 = 42.52 USD is the refund amount.
      3. Before the refund is completed as above, you may request a re-delivery by paying another shipping cost for re-delivery and the return charge. We will resend your package as soon as it arrives at our distribution center.
      4. The shipping company except KOREA POST will discard your package without return in case they fail the delivery due to your fault. We are not responsible and will not compensate for this. Please make sure that your shipping address and contact information is correct.
      5. If you make a claim for compensation due to a delivery accident, we will request KOREA POST or the shipping company to investigate at your request. As a result of the investigation, we will compensate you if it is the responsibility of KOREA POST or the shipping company. However, if you have modified the value of the items you ordered, we will compensate according to the value.

      Compensations & Refunds

      Claims and Compensation Procedures

      • You can claim compensation for any damage or loss caused by our negligence while using our service.
      • You should faithfully provide photos, videos, and other necessary materials to prove the damage or loss as follows.
              o An unboxing video 
      o A full photo of the box you received
      o A photo of the invoice(shipping label) attached to the box
      o A photo that you list all the items you received and take (Posters should be spread out)
      o A photo that is taken with the damaged part enlarged if necessary
      o A video of any CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, or other items not working if necessary
      o Other Proofable Materials
      • We will review your claim and make appropriate compensation in accordance with the compensation and refund policy.
      • Compensation will be made by mileage, refund, resend, exchange, etc.


      Exclusions from compensation claims

      1. All claims must be made within 14 days of the date on which you received the package, and subsequent claims will not be subject to review.
         (In the case of domestic delivery, the claims for the lost package must be reported within a week from the date on which the package is delivered)

         (In the case of overseas delivery, the claims for the lost package must be reported within 3 months ( a month in UPS & DHL) from the date on which the package is delivered.)

      2. Due to the nature of international shipping, packages or packaging may be damaged during long-distance transportation and customs clearance, and any damage caused by this is not subject to compensation claims.
      3. Damage to the outer case or minor damage to the product that the manufacturer is not responsible for is not subject to the review of compensation claims.
      4. After the purchase, if the delivery is unsuccessful due to the purchaser's simple refusal to receive the package or the failure to pay the fees charged during customs clearance, compensation for the damage cannot be claimed.
      5. If you cannot provide photos, videos, or other materials to prove damage or loss, you cannot claim compensation.
      6. The random version can not be any reason for refund and exchange.



      • All payments and refunds are processed through PayPal, and refunds are made in full or partial refunds for transactions made by you.
      • Depending on the circumstances of your bank or credit card company, it may take a few days for it to be applied to your bank account or credit card after a refund through PayPal.


    • A : Due to the recent undervalue issue of our shipment from the shipping company, we are monitoring customs compliance in multiple countries of arrival. We have been informed by the shipping company that it will be returned and discontinued If this does not improve.
      Therefore, Ktown4u decided to change the policy as follows. We ask for your generous understanding as it is for better service.

      < No Under Valuation Policy >
      The user shall not be allowed to directly modify (undervalue) the value of the purchased product according to the following reasons and purposes.

      1. Undervalues themselves violate international transportation laws.
      2. Undervalues may result in transportation restriction by certain carriers.
      3. Ktown4u pursue stability, reliability and legality.
      4. ktown4u also encourages customers to pursue legal e-commerce.

    • ▶ What is the reason for the sudden change of chart sales?
      The Ktown4u chart may temporarily fluctuate in the daily chart sales due to the batch re-registration of the order when a change in the delivery method occurs at the customer request.
      However, the total actual sales volume is unchanged.
    • Please enter the amount of mileage point that you would like to use and click 'Apply'.
    • The value of 1 mileage point is about 1 KRW, which is equivalent to about 0.001 USD.
      Therefore, if the mileage points used are too small, the overall price may not be affected.
      We recommend you to collect some mileage points first before using them!


    • It depends on which shipping method you are choosing for the parcel.
      EXPRESS (UPS) : 3-5 business days
      EMS : 5-10 business days
      Economy : 7-15 business days
      Parcel POST : 15-30 business days
      Registered Small Packet and K-packet: 20-40 business days
      But sometimes it takes longer than that due to the delivery circumstances of the destination country.

    • For customs clearance in Brazil, please put accurate 11 digit of Personal customs code (CPF:Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas).
      It can be one of the reasons of delay or return of Package. EX.CPF-XXXXXXXXXX

      If you want to edit CPF after making order, you can edit it on My account - order detail - Address modification

      ABOUT Ktown4u Chart
      Ktown4u Chart fairly aggregates the sales quantity of the albums within Ktown4u!
      Ktown4u chart will be counted according to the quantity purchased in Ktown4u, which may differ from the chart. Therefore, during the
      completion of the customer order payment, the chart may change when canceling the order due to the customer's circumstances

      [Aggregation method]

      1. When there is only one item
      It is counted as SALES quantity specified in the item

      2. When there are single item and a set
      The sales volume for the set purchase is automatically included in the item.
      ex) The chart aggregate sales quantity of this product is (5,000) and the quantity of sale for the set is automatically included in this quantity.